ARM DS-5 Development Studio

ARM® DS-5 Development Studio is an end-to-end tools solution for embedded software development, especially crafted by ARM to enable you to develop robust, highly optimized products based on ARM processors. Whether you are a system-on-chip (SoC) designer, a real-time firmware engineer or an Android app developer, DS-5 helps you to take full advantage of the leading edge technologies in the ARM architecture.

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The best ARM powered products are developed with ARM tools

Start software development earlier

DS-5 is developed alongside new ARM processors so that you can have quality development tools available when you need them. Supporting the lastest ARMv8 64-bit instruction set or handling debug and optimization on multi-cluster ARM big.LITTLE™ SoCs are just a couple of examples of our technology leadership. Moreover, DS-5 can be used in conjunction with ARM virtual platforms to give you a head start by enabling you to develop software way ahead of hardware availability. DS-5 Professional Edition ships with an example quad-core Cortex®-A9 FVP and Cortex-A8 FVP to use in your development, whilst DS-5 Ultimate Edition includes the ARMv8 FVP.


Get more out of your system

Whether you are after longer battery life, higher performance or smaller code size, DS-5 has got the right tool for you to optimize your system. ARM Compiler 6, included in DS-5 Ultimate Edition, utilizes the modern, modular and open source LLVM compiler infrastructure, whilst ARM Compiler 5, shipping in DS-5 Professional is the result of over 20 years of improvements in code generation. As well as world-class tools for building your code, we provide Streamline performance analyzer; specifically engineered to help you tune software for optimal power and/or performance, making critical system issues, such as misconfiguring a processor's voltage and frequency scaling, just too obvious to miss.


Shrink time to market

With software accounting for the largest portion of time and costs in modern embedded projects, even small productivity gains quickly add up and can turn an average project into a successful one. DS-5 dramatically reduces software development time by providing user friendly, flexible interfaces together with productivity-boosting features such as execution trace and Application Rewind. Combined with comprehensive documentation and unparalleled technical support expertise, DS-5 has all you need to go to market first.

Lower your project risk

Reduce risk in your engineering program by choosing a financially solid, market proven tools provider that can support your current and future design needs. Our customers have shipped billions of products running code developed using ARM tools to date. Be part of the winning team.

Write, compile, debug and optimize your software with DS-5


  • Easily manage all your projects at once within the IDE
  • Write code the right way by using auto-completion and syntax highlighting in the flexible C/C++ and ARM Assembly editor.
  • Collaborate across your engineering team using popular source code control such as CVS and SVN.
  • Take advantage of the industry-standard Eclipse IDE to extend your environment with hundreds of extensions and plugins.

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  • Generate accurate, optimized bare-metal code by using ARM Compiler 5, the industry standard compiler for the ARM architecture. Utilize the powerful LLVM based ARM Compiler 6 for ARMv8 development, available in DS-5 Ultimate Edition. Rely on the integrated GCC toolchain from Linaro for Linux development.
  • Speed up critical multimedia kernels by up to 4X with ARM Compiler's NEON™ autovectorization.
  • Achieve a reduction in runtime library code size of up to 50% with the MicroLib C library.

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  • Increase productivity across your team by standardizing your development environment. Supported development platforms range from RTL simulator and virtual platform to production hardware. 
  • Find bugs more quickly on Linux, Android and several real-time operating systems (RTOS) with in-depth visibility into OS tasks and data structures.
  • Step back to the source of difficult bugs in Linux and Android native applications with Application Rewind reverse debugging.
  • Easily fix random timing-related software bugs with non-intrusive instruction and data trace.

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  • Eliminate unplanned project delays at integration stage by spotting sub-optimal software architecture early in your design cycle with the Streamline analyzer.
  • See at a glance performance statistics from your entire system, including multiple ARM Cortex cores, multiple ARM Mali™ GPU cores and even ARM CoreLink™ interconnect IP.
  • Home in on hard to track, instruction-level performance issues using ARM CoreSight™ trace macrocell data.
  • Tune your system for energy efficiency by correlating software execution and actual power consumption using the ARM Energy Probe or National Instruments DAQ units.

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