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ARM DS-5 IDE Overview

ARM® DS-5 Development Studio is built on the standard Eclipse development environment providing outstanding windows management, project management, and C/C++ source code editing tools. DS-5 brings a huge number of features specific to ARM to the Eclipse platform, making it the most powerful tool-chain available for ARM software development.

To learn more about the IDE, download DS-5 and follow the tutorials, which will help to guide you through the Eclipse platform. ARM Infocenter contains in-depth documentation for further information.

Eclipse C/C++ editor in ARM DS-5

Powerful Source Code Editing

The Eclipse IDE's fully featured C/C++ source editor helps you spend more time writing code and less time chasing down syntax errors.

  • Outline view which lists functions, variables, and declarations
  • Highlights syntax errors in your C/C++ source code
  • Configurable syntax colorization and code formatting for C/C++ and ARM/Thumb™/Thumb-2™ assembly
  • Full change history which can integrated with popular source code control systems, including Git, SVN and CVS
  • Refactor function names and code segments globally, saving time in complex projects
  • Collapse functions to simplify large bodies of code
Eclipse C/C++ editor in ARM DS-5 showing syntax error Code folding functions in Eclipse C/C++ Editor on ARM DS-5 Refactor in Eclipse C/C++ editor for ARM DS-5

Greatly speed up your authoring with Function Help and Function Autocomplete, which put a huge number of C/C++ functions at your disposal.

ARM DS-5 Remote System Explorer (RSE)

Easy File Transfer to Target

DS-5 includes a Remote System Explorer (RSE) perspective for easy transfer of applications and libraries to the Linux file system on the target.

  • FTP connection to the target to explore its file system, create new folders, and drag & drop files from the host machine
  • Open files on the target's file system by double-clicking on them in the FTP view. Edit them within Eclipse and save them directly to the target's file system
  • Shell and terminal windows enable running Linux commands on the target system without a monitor and keyboard
  • Display a list of processes running on the target

Flexible Window Management

The window management system in Eclipse enables the optimal utilization of your visual workspace.

  • Support for multiple source code and debugger views: ideal for multi-core debug
  • Arrange your windows however you like: floating (detached), docked, tabbed, or minimized into the Fast View bar
  • Support of multi-screen set-ups by dragging and dropping detached windows to additional monitors

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