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Fixed Virtual Platforms

Start bare metal and Linux software development without a hardware target. Fast, quad core ARM® Cortex®-A9 and ARMv8 FVP simulation models in DS-5 Development Studio help you to get your projects running today.

  • Complete ARM System Simulation

    Processor, memory and peripherals are at your disposal with FVPs, running at speeds comparable to real hardware, making them far more than just an instruction set simulator.

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  • No Hardware Required

    Ideal for bare metal and Linux application, firmware and driver development. Write software, get it running on a FVP and see it do exactly the same on the real hardware.

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  • ARMv8 FVP

    DS-5 Ultimate Edition ships with the ARMv8 FVP, giving you a 64-bit ARM system model for bare-metal, kernel and application development. Request a trial today and start ARMv8 development.

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Modeling Made Easy

The complete ARM system model represented by FVPs is much more than just an instruction set simulator.

Running at speeds comparable to the real hardware, Fixed Virtual platforms are complete simulations of an ARM system, including processor, memory and peripherals. These are set out in a "programmer's view", which give you a comprehensive model on which to build and test your software.

Software Development without a hardware target

Fixed Virtual Platforms give you a great way to start bare metal coding and Linux application development for ARM without the need for a physical target.

With FVPs, your software engineering team can work on application, firmware and early driver development far ahead of hardware availability. In cases where a large team is working on “generic” device support, models remove the need for a large number of hardware targets.

You can be totally confident that when your software executes on a FVP, it will execute the same way on the equivalent hardware. ARM FVPs are functionally accurate ARM instruction set models, so when hardware does arrive, there's no rush, no delays and no unforeseen costs.

Explore DS-5 Development Studio with FVPs

Get to know the comprehensive feature set of DS-5 Development Studio Professional Edition quickly and easily, without worrying if your target is working as expected. Our FVPs enable you to get software written for ARM up and running with just a double click.

Example Models and Software

With pre-built debug configurations in DS-5 Development Studio, you can debug a Linux application on a Cortex-A9 or ARMv8 example FVP within seconds via gdbserver. We also provide debug configurations for a wide range of additional FVPs, including multicore big.LITTLE™ Cortex-A15 & Cortex-A7.

A variety of bare metal and Linux examples are included in DS-5 Development Studio, which have been comprehensively tested with our example FVPs. Programs like Xaos and Gnometris give you a visual way of interacting with our simulation models and are a great way to experiment with DS-5.

Easily Import New Models into DS-5

Connect to, configure and debug models with the DS-5 Configuration perspective. View associations such as L1 instruction and data caches for each core, as well as peripherals for each cluster. Define AMP, SMP and big.LITTLE configurations, then automatically create a debug connection in DS-5.

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Ahead of the Hardware, Ahead of the Curve

FVPs are ideal for software development where software is required to work across a new architecture, such as big.LITTLE or ARMv8. You can ensure that software is functioning and compatible long before the hardware arrives.

The ARMv8 FVP is included with DS-5 Development Studio Ultimate Edition, enabling you to carry out bare metal and kernel development, taking advantage of 64-bit address spaces and 32-bit wide instructions. Like the ARMv7 FVPs, the ARMv8 FVP works quickly and easily on your host machine. The ARMv8 Foundation Platform is also available as a free download, fully compatible with Linaro v8 images, giving you an ideal route into Linux application development for 64-bit ARM platforms.

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FVP or Fast Model?

FVPs, as their name suggests, are fixed. They are a black box on which you can test your software, safe in the knowledge that when the hardware arrives, you can port it over easily and quickly. FVPs are binaries derived from Fast Models, though unlike Fast Models are not customizable.

Fast Models give you the flexibility to add complex peripherals, infrastructure and ARM CoreLink™ interconnects along with a host of other ARM and third-party IP blocks. This gives software teams working on custom SoCs the ability to complete the majority of their software and integration ahead of the silicon availability.

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